Swim Spas

The Hydropool Swim Spa is the perfect way to swim every day. Swim spas provide the ultimate swimming experience, are ideal for aquatic exercise, therapeutic hydrotherapy, and overall family fun!

17AX AquaSport

Featuring the largest swim area of any Hydropool swim spa, the 17AX also leaves room for 2 hydrotherapy seats for those times when you just want to rest and relax. Featuring Hydropool’s industry leading Self-Cleaning filtration and Hydrowise insulation system, this swim spa will run at a fraction of the cost of other pools.


Outer Dimensions: 210” x 93” x 52.75”

Volume: 9,120L

Weight Full: 10,431kg

Seating: 4 Persons

Available Shell Colours

Alpine Mist

Silver Marble

Pure White

Available Cabinet Colours

Driftwood Everlast

Black Cherry

Midnight Everlast

Swim Spa Features

 Over the years Hydropool has been working on improving their product to create the perfect swim.

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