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Pool Equipment Explained


This is the driving force of your entire pool. Pumps pull water from the surface skimmers and pool-bottom main drains. Then, it sends the water to the filter for cleaning, to the heater for heating, and to the sanitization system for disinfecting before returning it back to the pool through the inlets, or “returns”.


This is the main contributor to clean, clear, and sparkling water. There are two main types of filters used in the industry: sand filters and cartridge filters. As water travels through a sand filter, suspended dirt particles become trapped in the filter’s silica sand media or cartridge.


This is what puts some of the “luxury” into “luxury swimming pools”. As the name suggests, heaters warm up pool water for you, typically using natural gas to efficiently do so. They are great for extending your pool season by heating the water quickly in the spring and keeping it warm into the fall.

Sanitization System

There are a variety of system options available that will remove algae and bacteria from your pool water. Most commonly people use chlorine to sanitize their pools which comes in a variety of forms such as liquid, tablets, or granules. In recent years, Salt Water Sanitation systems have become increasingly popular as it almost eliminates the handling of harsh chemicals while still adding chlorine sanitation to your pool through a process called electrolysis.

Automatic Cleaners

Automatic cleaners are the perfect solution to keeping your pool sparkling clean. Every pool needs to be cleaned on a regular basis not only to maintain appearance but also to help reduce the amount of sanitizer you use in your pool. Suction cleaners are a tried and true method of cleaning your pool using your pump and filtration system. They connect right into your skimmer, using the suction created by your pump to move the unit around the pool, and then sending the debris to be caught in your pump basket.

In recent years, robotic cleaners have really taken off. They are completely self contained units meaning they run on their own (using a 110v plug) and collect all debris within the unit. Robotic cleaners also allow you to clean the bottom on your pool without sacrificing proper filtration and top skimming.

Hayward Pool Products

For over 80-years, Hayward has been helping pool owners enjoy the pleasures of pool ownership by manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide.

Super Pump VS 220v and 110v

Hayward’s best-selling Super Pump just got even better! The variable-speed Super Pump VS takes efficiency to the next level with up to 70% energy cost savings over single-speed pool pumps. Super Pump VS provides customizable speed, duration and priming time to match the needs of both aftermarket and new construction installations. This pump is also available in 110v or 220v which makes for an easy pump replacement regardless of your current electrical capacity.

EcoStar and EcoStar SVRS Variable Speed Pumps

The Hayward® EcoStar pump is the industry’s most energy efficient variable speed pump at any speed thanks to a super-efficient permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor and industry leading hydraulic design.

SwimClear Large Capacity Cartridge Filters

Utilizing a cluster of four reusable cartridge elements, SwimClear filters offer a choice of heavy-duty dirt-holding capacity for extra-long cleaning. SwimClear filters will provide years of trouble free operation and crystal clear sparkling water.

Pro Logic Total Pool Management: Pool, Spa and Chemistry Automation

Pro Logic is a scalable, flexible line of Total Pool Management controls that suit any back yard environment. It takes the work out of owning a pool and spa by automating all essential pool and spa functions, water chemistry with Sense and Dispense®, salt chlorination, and custom light shows with Colorlogic®.

Aqua Rite® &  Aqua Rite® XL Salt Chlorine

The key to Aqua Rite’s chlorine generation is the Turbo Cell®, a specially designed converter connected to the control unit by a simple plug-in cord and plumbed into the filter pump’s return line to the pool. As water is pushed through the Turbo Cell, an extremely safe low-voltage electrical charge turns the salt previously added to the water into fresh, sanitizing chlorine which is then dispersed evenly throughout the pool via the return jets.

Pentair Pool Products

Pentair has shown decades of commitment to reliable, technologically advanced, and energy-efficient pool products that have built their reputation as the pool industry’s global leader.

Superflo VS

SuperFlo VS pumps slash energy costs by up to 80%*, compared to conventional pool pumps. They come to you from the company that launched variable speed technology years ahead of every other pool pump manufacturer. With premium features like a 24-hour real-time clock and an intuitive interface that displays watts and RPMs, they’re easy to program and operate. They are also the only variable speed pump on the market that is 110v/220v convertible.

IntelliFlo® VF & IntelliFlo VS+SVRS High Performance Pumps

IntelliFlo® Variable Speed pumps combine variable drive technology, onboard digital intelligence, and permanent magnet motors (used in hybrid cars) to reduce pump-related energy costs by up to 90%.

IntelliFlo ® VF Variable Flow Pumps is the world’s smartest swimming pool pump. Its onboard computer and intelligent software automatically calculate and program the minimum flow requirements for every pool task to optimize performance and minimize energy use.

The IntelliFlo VS+SVRS model is the first swimming pool pump to feature a built-in Safety Vacuum Release System that detects drain blockage and automatically shuts the pump off.

IntelliTouch® Systems Advanced Automation Systems for Pool and Spa

IntelliTouch® automation offers superior control systems from small to the most ambitious pool and spa designs including water features and spectacular lighting effects. IntelliTouch automation systems offer innovative technology and a wide range of wireless and wired control panels that are easy to program with simple menus to enable pool owners to create and change programs without complication. Users can choose the Wi-Fi enabled Tablet, the compact Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or the MobileTouch® wireless (900MHz) control panel to complete their pool and spa automation system.

IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator

IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively and automatically. You get the same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without the drawbacks. No need to buy, transport and store chlorine compounds.

Maytronics Pool Cleaners

Maytronics is a global leader in the field of electronic swimming pool cleaners, water purification and safety in swimming pools.  Founded in 1983, Maytronics pioneered the field of automatic pool cleaning, developing the world-renowned Dolphin robotic pool cleaners.

Dolphin Supreme M400

Dolphin raises the bar for robotic pool cleaners, representing the latest generation of dolphin technology. The M400 scrubs, vacuums and filters all pool surfaces in just 2.5 hours. Its large inner filter cartridge collects dirt, debris and even dusts particles. This unit offers a 2 year warranty only if purchased from a licensed dealer.

Zodiac Pool Cleaners

Zodiac is a leading global manufacturer of differentiated pool and spa products. They have a portfolio of leading brands which include Jandy, Baracuda, and Polaris.

Zodiac MX8

This suction cleaner has dual cyclonic suction that enables this suction cleaner to move faster and deliver unsurpassed vacuum power, while requiring 30% less flow. It requires less flow than any other suction cleaner for maximum energy savings, and is ideal for 2-speed and variable speed pumps.

For more than 40 years, Polaris has been the #1 selling pool cleaner in the world. They are focused on premium quality engineering, rugged constructions, and reliability.

Polaris 945

Polaris 945 is a robotic cleaner. It has all-new 4WD with innovative features, including the Easy Lift System, 7-day programmable timer, and Vortex Vacuum technology.

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