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Mursatt Chemicals

Mursatt Chemicals Ltd. is an industry leading manufacturer/distributor of high quality pool and spa chemicals, accessories, and water testing products In Canada for over 50 years. The company mission statement is “to provide safe, healthy, crystal clear, water for you, your friends and family to enjoy.” In keeping with this mission, Mursatt Chemicals provides dealers with a customized water analysis program that makes it easy to help customers take care of their pools and hot tubs.


Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry was founded in 1989 by a chemical engineer who recognized the growing need for naturally based products. Over the years they have developed treatments for various problems found in pools and hot tubs, most notably the removal of phosphates. They continue to focus on the environment when manufacturing their products to give consumers the option of naturally based solutions. Make sure to looks for their chemicals in our store, as we are always adding new products to our shelves.



Even though the brand name has changed from Guardex Pool Chemicals to Omni, the umbrella company of BioLab, Inc. is a trusted chemical manufacturer that has been in business since 1955. They have a wide range of both pool and spa chemicals which include full system Synergy kits as well as standalone sanitizers and solution based products.

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