Hot Tubs

Headquarter in Mississauga, Ontario, Hydropool Hot Tubs Inc originated in 1970 as a commercial swimming pool company. In 1978, it became one of the first hot tub retailers in North America. Each hot tub is hand crafted in their Mississauga plant by experienced designers.

Serenity Hot Tubs

Serenity hot tubs are ergonomically designed for full body support and comfort. They offer a never float lounger, super soft pillows, and large foot wells, as well as added safety steps and grab rails. Serenity models also have a great clean/clear skimming micro filter system that keeps the cartridge out of the bather’s sight. Each hot tub’s high flow, manifold plumbing allows for a fully adjustable hydrotherapy experience.

Serenity hot tubs come in 5 different models as well as a Special Edition Plug n’ Play (110v) that can comfortably sit anywhere from 3 up to 6 people.

Model 4000

Seating: 3-4 Persons

Model 5000

Seating: 4-5 Persons

Model 5500

Seating: 5-6 Persons

Model 6000

Seating: 5-6 Persons

Model 7000

Seating: 5-6 Persons

Special Edition Serenity 5

Seating: 4-5 Persons

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