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Phosphates: Could this be why your pool is green?

Phosphates may be a word you have heard of before. But did you know that they can significantly impact the state of your pool water? Keep reading to find out more about phosphates and why they could be the cause for your green or cloudy pool.

What Are Phosphates?

Phosphates are a food source for many aquatic plants, including algae. The challenge with phosphates is that they are constantly being introduced into your swimming pool water. They are found in lawn and garden fertilizers, decaying vegetation, municipal water, cosmetic items on bathers, and even other pool chemicals. This means a fresh batch of phosphates can enter your water in a variety of ways all season long.

How to Know if you Have Phosphates?

Water testing! If you have been having persistent problems with algae, and chlorine is not clearing up the water, or if you never seem to have a chlorine reading despite how much you throw in the pool, it may be a good idea to get your water tested for phosphates.

How to Treat Phosphate Infected Pools?

There are many pool products of varying strengths, for example PhosFree by Natural Chemistry, which can be used to clear up phosphates. It is used after a backwash has been done, and the product is applied directly to the skimmer. The pool owner should then backwash 48 hours later. Your phosphate reading from you water test will help to determine which strength will solve your problem most effectively.

How to Maintain a Phosphate Free Pool?

There are precautions you can take to help ensure that phosphates don’t build up in your pool. Make sure to remove all leaves and organic waste from the pool as often as possible. Vacuuming the pool regularly is also a good idea. Furthermore, do not allow lawn and garden deposits to enter the pool.

If you have a persistent phosphate problem, no matter what you do, (possibly do to your location) you may want to consider adding a weekly treatment of a phosphate removing product to help combat the phosphates as they enter the pool. This additional weekly cost can save you time, money, and frustration over having to clean up your algae filled pool again and again.


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