Introducing Hydropool’s Signature Hot Tubs

Hydropool have recently introduced their line of Signature hot tub; the next evolution in their award winning line of Self-Cleaning hot tubs. In this article, we will review these new hot tubs to show you how they represent a step forward in hot tub technology.

What Makes Signature Hot Tubs Unique?

Self-Cleaning Filtration

Hydropool has been offering their unique Self-Cleaning hot tubs for over 40 years! “Self-Cleaning” hot tubs offer a pressure-side filtration system that forces the water through the filter via a special filtration pump. This is much more efficient than the suction-side filtration systems found in other hot tubs. In fact, a Self-Cleaning filtration system can clean all of the water in a hot tub over 8 times faster than other hot tubs!

Their new Signature series improve upon this award-winning technology with an updated skimmer system at the waterline and redesigned floor drain to improve the flow of water through the system; ensuring a greater flow of water through the filtration system. In fact, this incredible filtration system can filter all of the water in the hot tub in less than 15 minutes! This not only gives you cleaner, clearer water; it will also save you time and money in the maintenance of your hot tub.

PureWater UVC

Many hot tub owners are looking for ways of reducing their chemical usage with the aim of creating a more “natural” bathing experience. Several solutions have come out over the last few years; with varying levels of success. Two of the most popular and best performing of these solutions are:

  • UV. These systems pass the water through UV filter that sterilizes bacteria and other microorganisms so that they cannot reproduce. This greatly reduces the amount of organisms in the water; making them much easier for your sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) to kill.
  • Ozone. These systems inject low levels of ozone into the hot tub water, which naturally kills bacteria and other microorganisms that it comes in contact with.

Hydropool’s PureWater system (standard in every Signature model) utilizes both UV and ozone technologies in a 2 stage process that is able to eliminate 99% of all contaminants in the hot tub water! This means that you can maintain clearer, safer water while using fewer chemicals.

Wellness Zone Massage Programmes

Every Signature hot tub comes equipped with Hydropool’s unique Wellness Zone Massage Programmes. Each of these 8 built-in programmes have been developed alongside physiotherapists and sports therapists to help treat common ailments like lower back pain and leg pain.

To start one of these treatments simply select your desired programme on your hot tub’s control pad. The hot tub display will then guide you through a 20-30 minute progressive massage designed to work on different muscle groups in a progressive order to treat your chosen ailment.

Hydropool does this by splitting the hot tub into different zones; with each zone being designed to activate a different part of your body. One seat, for example, might be more focused on treating your lower back, while another might focus on your neck and shoulders. Splitting the focus in this way allows their wellness zone programs to focus on specific muscle groups in a specific order; just like professional massage therapists do

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HydroWise Insulation System

Another thing that sets Hydropool’s new Signature hot tubs apart from other hot tubs is their exclusive Hydrowise insulation system. Many hot tub manufacturers use one of two basic insulation systems:

  • Full foam insulation. A system that insulates the water by covering the underside of the shell in spray foam insulation. This approach insulates the water in the hot tub very effectively while also supporting the plumbing and helping to reduce noise. It does, however, allow for waste heat generated by the pumps and heaters to escape and can make repairs more complicated and costly.
  • Perimeter foam insulation. An insulation system that insulates the inside of the hot tub’s cabinet rather than insulating the shell. This allows the insulation to trap the waste heat generated by the pumps and heaters; improving the efficiency of the insulation system. Perimeter foam doesn’t support the plumbing or help to control excess noise, however, meaning that perimeter foam hot tubs are typically louder than full foam hot tubs, and can also more susceptible to plumbing leaks.

Hydropool’s HydroWise insulation is a hybrid approach between these two systems. It utilizes two layers of their thermal shield insulation; one around the shell of the hot tub to insulate the main body of water and support the plumbing and another around the shell of the hot tub to trap waste heat generated by the pumps and heater. This approach helps to ensure that your hot tub is as energy efficient as possible while also supporting the plumbing and making potential future repairs simple.


While most hot tub manufacturers allow some basic customizations to be done to their hot tubs like changing the shell / cabinet colours or adding basic accessories like cover lifters; Hydropool’s Signature hot tubs go one step further. Signature hot tubs are available with a wide variety of options and add-ons that allow you to customize your hot tub to meet your exact needs; without paying for things that you don’t want.

Potential customizations to Signature hot tubs include:

  • Number of jets / pumps. Many Signature models are available with “Gold” and Platinum” versions. The difference between these two being the number of jets and jet pumps each has.
  • App control. Their optional iCommand system allows you to control your hot tub from an app on your phone!
  • Deluxe lighting package. Give your hot tub a “wow” factor with additional interior lighting, and exterior trim lighting.
  • Heat pump. Bypass the traditional hot tub heater so that you can utilize an ultra-efficient heat pump. These dramatically reduce the energy costs of the hot tub in the winter; where heating costs make up the majority of a hot tub’s running costs.
  • Waterfalls and waterfall pillows. Add some extra ambience to your hot tub with an added waterfall, or enhance your massage experience with a waterfall pillow that will help soothe your neck and shoulders.
  • Heater air therapy. Add 10,000 perfectly aimed heated air bubbles to take your massage to the next level!

See The Difference That A Signature Hot Tub Makes!

We believe that Hydropool’s new Signature hot tubs are the future of the hot tub industry. Don’t take our word for it though, come in and see them for yourself! We’re confident that once you experience these hot tubs yourself, you’ll be convinced as well.

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