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How Have Hot Tubs Evolved Over Time?

In their current form, hot tubs have been around for over 50 years. In that time the technology used to create hot tubs has been constantly evolving to improve their energy efficiency, performance and ease of use. In this article, we will explore a few of the most noticeable way that hot tubs have evolved over the years.

How Hot Tub Massage Systems Have Improved Over Time

The jetting systems found in hot tubs have drastically changed over time; both in terms of the number and style of jets that are used. At first, hot tubs were only equipped with a few directional jets. Over the years, hot tubs manufacturers began adding more jets to provide a more thorough, full body massage. Jets with moving parts were then added to provide a more dynamic massage experience. While they did improve the massage experience, the bearings used to make the jets move were unreliable and the jets would commonly begin to fail after a few years. For this reason, many hot tub manufacturers have recently turned to bearingless jets designs that allow water to move in more dynamic ways without prematurely wearing out.

Many hot tub manufacturers also continue to work to improve their massage experiences though smarter plumbing designs and better designed pumps. Many have greatly improved the power of their massages by reducing the amount of plumbing used in their hot tubs.

Why Some Hot Tubs Manufacturers Are Changing Their Insulation Systems

Although most hot tubs manufacturers continue to insulate their hot tubs using the industry standard full-foam insulation systems that have been used for decades, some have begun looking for better, more efficient ways of insulating their hot tubs.

More and more hot tub manufacturers have adopted a two layer insulation system. In this system, a 2nd layer of insulation is added around the outer cabinet of the hot tub in addition to the standard insulation around the hot tub shell (which may or may not be spray foam). This 2nd layer of insulation increases energy efficiency in two ways:

  • It adds more insulation to the hot tub.
  • It traps waste heat generated by the pumps and heaters; using it to further heat the water in the plumbing.

Trapping waste heat in the cabinet of the hot tub not only increases energy efficiency, it also helps to protect the plumbing, pumps and other equipment during the coldest months of the year. This can be especially useful in the case of a power outage, where a small space heater placed in the cabinet can keep the water in the plumbing from freezing more or less indefinitely.

How Hot Tub Water Care Systems Have Evolved

Consumers are always looking for ways to use less chemicals and get a more “natural” feel to their water. To meet that demand, hot tub manufacturers continue to develop and test new systems that can allow consumers to use fewer chemicals in their hot tub without sacrificing water quality or safety.

In the past, hot tub companies have used either UV, ozone or salt systems to accomplish this, with varying results. While they all did help to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to properly treat the water, they also could cause a variety of other minor issues; most commonly:

  • Increased wear and tear on the hot tub’s cover and pillows.
  • Water balance issues.
  • Increased sanitizer levels which lead to harsher feeling water.

Fortunately, hot tub manufacturers have continued to innovate and improve on these systems to reduce these side effects. Hydropool Hot Tubs, for example, have recently introduced their new Pure Water system. Pure Water is a two step ozone and UV water purification system that helps to reduce the amount of bacteria and other contaminants in the water, without causing other potential issues associated with other previous systems.

How Hot Tub Filtration Systems Have Improved Over Time

One of the most vital, but least talked about, component of a hot tub is the filtration system. Traditionally, hot tubs manufacturers have utilized “suction-side” filtration systems. In a suction-side system water passes through the filter, then the pumps and back out of the jets. While this system does work, it is also inefficient; often needing several hours to properly filter all of the water in the hot tub. For that reason, some hot tub manufacturers have switched to using “pressure-side” filtration systems in their hot tubs.

Pressure-side filtration systems (typically found in pools and large commercial hot tubs) move the hot tub water through the pumps, then force it through the filters at high speed. While they are more costly to produce, hot tubs with pressurized filtration systems are able to filter the water much faster and more effectively than hot tubs equipped with suction-side filtration systems. In fact, Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning pressurized filtration system is able to filter all of the water in the hot tub every 15 minutes! Filtering the water that efficiently means that Self-Cleaning hot tubs are able to run for less time while also providing better quality water than traditional suction-side hot tubs.

How Hot Tub Control Systems Have Evolved Over Time

More so than any other component, hot tub control systems continue to become more and more advanced as time passes. In the beginning, hot tub control systems were very basic. They were simple analog knobs or switches that allowed you to turn on the jets and set your water temperature. Over time, digital displays have replaced these knobs and switches and more and more advanced control systems have been developed to allow for greater control over your hot tub.

Nowhere can this be seen more than in the filtration options. Modern hot tubs now let you set the start and run times of their filtration cycles. This allows you to save money (without compromising performance) by having your hot tub run more on off-peak energy times and avoid costly on-peak energy rates. The most advanced systems – like those found in Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tubs – will even allow you to set different run times for different days. This allows you to take advantage of the different off-peak energy times on the weekend, or to simply run the hot tub less on days when it isn’t typically used.

Some hot tub brands have also developed control systems that can be run from a mobile phone app. Hydropool Hot Tubs, for example, are all able to be fitted with the iCommand system. This system allows you to fully control your hot tub from your phone, including:

  • Operating the hot tub jets and lights.
  • Setting the water temperature for your hot tub.
  • Programming your filtration and enable/disable economy mode.
  • Displaying alerts if there is a problem with your hot tub.

Wrapping Up

Hot tubs have come a long way over the years. Modern hot tubs are significantly more energy efficient, easy to use, and reliable than hot tubs of the past.


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